Begin your day where mornings are magical and dreams unfold. Explore the path we proudly call home. As the city of Cannes slowly wakes up, the morning walk on "The Brown Avenue" has become an essential ritual, much like the beloved croissant is for the locals each morning.

Countless times - every summer- same route and same routine. Talking about some of the things we like the most, including high quality menswear.

One morning we decided to make reality of our own ideas, and Brown Avenue was born.

about us - the founders

Founded by friends and brother-in-laws Niklas and Kevin in 2022, with the idea of creating the pieces they were constantly searching for themselves - everyday luxurious menswear, with a fair price tag.    

With the roots at home in Stockholm, and influenced by summers spent in France as a family, they decided to create the pieces together themselves. The clothes are sold directly to you, which means the prices can be kept fair without compromising on quality.

By incorporating the tailoring tradition inspired by southern Europe, and the staples and colours found in the Nordics, the pieces are made with the highs and lows of life in mind - on the golf course with friends, a wine-filled dinner in June or in the dairy aisle on a Monday evening, it's classic menswear for everyday life.

Quality At A Price You Want To Pay 

It's simple - our garments are as high quality as some of the ones with bigger price tags, the difference is that we sell directly to you and skip out on the middlemen and markups.

You'll find Brown Avenue exclusively on our website, ensuring our vision of suppling you with luxurious warderobe stables at a fair price.

You Are Your Manufacturers 

You're never better than the manufacturers you work with, and the quality they can provide.

Our suppliers can be found in Europe and China and are all hand-picked for their niche, attention to detail and our product range.


Discover Our Journey, and Embrace the Heart of Our Brand & Products – Where Inspiration Ignites.

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